5 Tips for a Redcliffe Small Business Facebook Page Owner

Facebook is somewhere that Redcliffe small businesses just can’t afford to be absent from in this day and age. After all, over 10 million Australians use it and over half a billion people around the world! Do you think your customers might be amongst those 10 million people?

Social Media reach in Australia is growing - Facebook example

If your small business is already finding out the online marketing benefits of being on Facebook and leveraging social media, is there anything else you could be doing to improve on your efforts?

I spoke to December, who is the community manager for the hugely successful “I Love Living on the Peninsular” Facebook page, which has over 800 local fans at the time of writing – and that’s growing everyday.

She passed on some great tips for maximising the marketing and community building potential for your small businesses by making your Facebook page more engaging.

1. Make Conversation

Facebook and social media in general is not a “broadcast” medium like TV and Radio, which sends out information to people. It is truly interactive and you have a voice to contribute – so use it! Get talking and creating conversations- this is how better relationships are formed with existing and potential customers.

2. Stay Regular!

Letting your Facebook page fall idle is akin to having tumbleweeds building up at your shop door. If you’ve taken the trouble to set up a page, don’t let it be wasted effort or worse – detract from your business image. Keep posting – a minimum of 3 times a week, more if possible- with at least short status updates. You are much more likely to grow your ‘likers’ and remain visible to your current fans it your page is active.

3. Get Personal!

Nobody wants to be bombarded with ads all the time – you will drive them away! You should look at a variety of interesting, informative and amusing content, but don’t be afraid to get personal with your readers. Showing your character and personality will create stronger relationships in the long run. People want to do business with people – you and your staff – not a company.

4. “Like” Comments  

The “Like” button has revolutionised how people air their opinion online about something. Its an important tool as a Facebook page owner people naturally respond well to having their comment “liked” and at least it shows that you are reading it! It is important you show that you are listening to your customers and potential customers. When people see that you interact or respond to their posts they will be much more likely to contribute on your wall in the future.

5. Evolve!

Facebook and social media in general is evolving almost daily and you need to keep up to date, stay with the times, stay relevant and lead the way in your business segment. It really is about market leadership. Google Plus is just being rolled out which provides another potentially large social media platform and there will be many more – for now though, if you are going to be on just one – make the effort with Facebook.

Following these tips will help your Redcliffe business in your social media marketing efforts with Facebook and in your online marketing efforts in general. It is an area that is changing very quickly and you need to try to stay abreast of these changes to take full advantage.

Local businesses and residents alike can find the “I Love Living on the Peninsula” Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lovepeninsula. December will be delighted to welcome you there! Let her know you saw the video.

Got your own creative Facebook tips for local small business owners? Add them to the comments section below and join in the discussion.