About Redcliffe Marketing Labs

At Redcliffe Marketing Labs we take pleasure from helping small local businesses recognize and use the power of online marketing cost-effectively, professionally and successfully. Whether your business is a newcomer to The Web or has been there for 15 years, you will find something in our services that you can gain from.


Traditional Marketing Vs. Online Marketing

Traditional methods of promoting one’s business – like Yellow Pages listings, magazine and newspaper advertisements, print media and TV and billboard marketing – are expensive and sometimes risky use of resources for a small business.

Online marketing, on the other hand, is high impact and low cost investment that yields results well into the future. You will be measuring the ROI over a period of years, not just for the length of a particular Ad campaign.

As more and more Australians access the Internet from hand-held and mobile devices like iPhones, which are Internet-ready out of the box, so online marketing’s relevance becomes more striking. Acting early to seek professional assistance in getting your small business ready for the future is becoming more important with each passing day and that’s where Redcliffe Marketing Labs step in.

Redcliffe Marketing Labs – Who We Are and What We Do

We are a small, dedicated team of online marketing experts that revel in getting businesses to the top of search engine rankings and keeping them there. We use the latest techniques of video, audio, social media and SEO marketing to boost your online business profile and your visibility, drive potential customers to your site, help you convert them to buyers and ultimately to increase your profits.

In short we aim to give businesses:

  • Visibility - by using all available online media to shoot you to the top of Google, Yahoo and Bing listings.
  • Interaction – with the new customers who will find your site and be interested in your products and services.
  • Retention – Once you’ve got the new clients we help you to keep hold of them: repeat business.

Our Philosophy – No Time Like the Present

We believe there is some urgency to the process of boosting your online presence, so that you create the foundation of your success before your competitors do.

There are always reasons not to act immediately, but it’s very easy to get left behind online, as things are changing rapidly. There’s no time like the present and you should get started ASAP.

It will take less time than you imagine as Redcliffe Marketing Labs will be doing the legwork. We firmly believe in not impacting on your time, which is better spent doing what you do well. All we ask is that you let us do what we do well.

Our Philosophy – Keeping Costs Down

For businesses that are playing “catch up” online, we recommend an incremental approach to boosting your online profile. There is a lot that can be done initially – optimizing web pages, gaining presence on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, creating listings in Google Places, creating  branded email addresses etc etc.

But there’s no need to do everything at once –  when more customers are visiting your site and buying from you, part of the profits can be reinvested back into your online marketing. This helps to spread the costs and keeps initial investment down. It also means that, through us, you keep up to date with all the new developments and we can apply them promptly to your online business.

As mentioned, Redcliffe Marketing Labs is a small team with low overheads. We only take on a few clients at a time so that we provide them with outstanding value for money and a very personalized service.