Using Online Video To Sell Products and Services

Online Video sells. Period.

Compare this video against a newspaper classified for effect. It paints the bike in the best possible light (ok the speaker could be better looking, sure) and really lifts the profile of what is, from the outside, a fairly standard looking garage. This particular garage has some very genuine and hard working owners.

Its also online.

So it is searchable and¬†available when the shop is closed. The video can be distributed to a number of online outlets – each of which act as extra sales staff just waiting for an interested buyer to come along no matter the time of day. ¬†It is a ‘do once – reap the benefits for ever’ activity. In the context of this bike the ‘reap the benefits for ever’ phrase is less applicable as once it is sold then the ‘product’ in this case is gone. But if you have a resellable item or service then as long as the internet is around your videos can be working for you. Calculate the ROI on that.

Whereas when that TV ad finishes or the newspaper hits the bin your investment in that marketing disappears into the ether.

If customers watch the video and then head to the garage then they are already moved along the sales process. They know about the history of the bike and have a fair idea if it will suit them or not. Saving not only the shop attendant but also the customer time.

Online video marketing is still a novelty but will very quickly become the standard.

So the question simply is when will you incorporate it into your business – not if.

(Available in HD and fullscreen. Adjust the player options for best effect)

Oh, and as for the bike – mention this video and you can save $50 off the price. (07) 3496 2352, 234 Hornibrook Esp, Woody Point QLD

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