Convert More Business With Upgraded Website Copywriting – James Brine Interview


James Brine is a Gold Coast based copywriter.

Plenty of business owners don’t know what a copywriter is and that (after their marketing guy!) a copywriter can be their business’s best friend. If that’s you, then this interview is the perfect introduction to the world of copywriting and you’ll never look back.

James is a super switched on chap and we cover some of the things that business owners get wrong when writing their website and advert copy themselves or handing it over to someone that doesn’t understand the principles of selling through the written word.

At the end of the interview James makes a very nice offer for people that listen to the interview (Keep in mind that copywriters are some of the most highly paid professionals in marketing).

If you want to take James up on his offer to review your website text and to give you some ideas then I can’t recommend it enough. There is no affiliate or commission etc here – just that it could make a huge difference for many, many website owners.

If you have a copywriting question for James and want to leave it below then jump in and be part of the discussion.

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