Expert Interview Package

Set yourself up as an expert in your industry so that clients approach you and you can charge a premium for your time and effort.easy button

Lets face it if you had the opportunity to sit down with a client and displayed your knowledge of your field they will already know you are an expert.

But getting in front of them is hard. Trying to sell 1 to 1 is time consuming.

The Easy Button

Give us 30mins and we’ll give you a professionally produced audio interview recording that positions you as the expert and allows you to showcase your knowledge in an educational, non-salesy way that builds trust and authority. We’ll then transcribe the interview for full Search Engine Optimisation benefit and upload the audio and text online for you.

After that we’ll let your company’s social media connections know about it with status updates.

  • Authority
  • Expert Positioning
  • 24/7/365 ongoing benefit from your content
  • Online exposure
  • SEO benefit
  • Social sharing
  • Website traffic
  • 1-to-many automated sales effect
  • …….and it takes 30mins of your time
  • Expert Interview Pack

  • 30min skype audio interview with you where you get positioned as the subject matter expert on topic of your choice
  • Light editing of interview for mistakes, gaps, pops and um's (upto 60mins editing time)
  • Splice in Intro / Outro music
  • Audio balanced and cleaned
  • Full Text Transcription + Additional Bullet Point Summary
  • Audio uploaded to your audio hosting account (Soundcloud, Amazon S3, Libsyn etc)
  • Audio + Summary Bullet Points + Transcription added to your website/Blog
  • Post Facebook status update on your business Page and link to new interview
  • Schedule 3 unique tweets to go out through your account over 36hrs to promote interview
  • Total Value

  • Package Investment

  • Valued At:

  • $510

    Total Value

  • $75
  • $150
  • $40
  • $75
  • $70
  • $15
  • $50
  • $15
  • $20
  • $510

    Total Value

  • $320

    Save $190

Extra Touches…

Create Intro/Outro music and announcer voiceover – one time cost – $199

Setup of audio hosting account and iTunes distribution link – one time cost – $249

Create and launch Facebook promoted post advert targeted at fans to ensure your page fans know your new interview is out (Actual $ cost of running the ad will come from your advertising account – this is only setup) – $20/interview

Additional editing time if interview requires more than 60mins of editing – $150/hr


What you need to provide…

  • 30 minutes of your time to be interviewed on skype (Expectation is that you know the topic and are prepared to go)
  • Outline of the interview content and a guide as to what questions you should be asked. Chances are we won’t be experts in your speciality
  • Login details for your website and audio hosting accounts if you would like us to add the content for you
  • Add us as an admin to your Facebook Page if you would like us to post for you
  • Login details for your Twitter account if applicable

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