Facebook Fanpage Reach Tanking Going into 2014

If you are feeling like you are getting less and less visibility and audience reach on your business Facebook page then you are not alone. Expect this to be the new ‘normal’ in 2014.

Facebook has matured as a marketing channel (and the younger audience is starting to move on) and now that the company has shareholders you will now need to start thinking about shifting your Facebook strategy to include more paid advertising.

For for info and examples of page reach numbers watch the video:

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  • Sharyn Munro

    I’m not a heavy user of Facebook as a marketing tool, I use it as a way to stay in peoples mind so that when they need help, they think of me. So obviously, I want my posts to be seen, but the ROI is not really worth heavy paid promotion. Should I be looking more at changing where I’m marketing (eg: by newsletter) or should I just increase my budget and promote certain posts (eg: Blog posts etc)?