Free Online Video Offer Fri 3 Feb 2011

Wow, what a busy week. Are there any weeks that aren’t busy ? :-)

However I’ve got some discretionary time tomorrow(Friday 3rd Feb) where I can get out to a local business and shoot them a short marketing video ready for use on the web at no cost.

If you would like to learn more about internet video marketing then follow the hyperlink in this sentence. It is a great method to market your business and its a do-once-reap-the-benefits-forever activity. Your video can be out there selling for you 24hrs/7days a week until the internet is pulled down. That’s a significant advantage for ROI over newspaper or other advertising forms.

And you get this one for free!

Well one business does. If I didn’t make it clear in the video then you need to be reasonably close to Redcliffe and preferably on the peninsula.
If you can’t make use of the offer but know a local business that can then why not point them back to this page.

Leave a comment or reply below this blog post describing why your business would benefit from an internet video and I’ll go through the comments late tonight to pick the best one. I’ll get in contact with the winner and then shoot a video onsite tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting! Hopefully its your business I can visit tomorrow and say g’day.