Google Places Citations

Google uses a number of ranking factors when determining the order that businesses show up in their local search results.

Redcliffe Marketing Search Results

Local search results are triggered when the search visitor enters a service/product and a geographic location ie ‘hairdresser redcliffe’.

One of the ranking factors is the number of ‘citations’ that a business has. This video explains what citations are about.

When ever your business name, address and phone number appear together on a webpage then this counts as a citation. The text does not need to be hyperlinked to your website – simply appearing in text is sufficient for the Google robots to register it.

If you are a Redcliffe local business then checkout as a good place to start to get a citation.

If you are not happy with where your business is listed in Google local results then you can do two things about it.

1. Do nothing, or

2. Seek some advice on how to get better rankings.

It really does boil down to that. So get out there and get some citations.