How to ban someone from posting on your Facebook page

I fielded this question today and it’s worthwhile sharing the answer.

“The ***** facebook page has been growing rapidly since we attended your Facebook for Business workshop in October.

We have over 500 likes on the page, however not all contributor’s seem genuine.  We are concerned about a recent comment someone made on one of ****’s posts. We deleted the comment, however it is a concern if this continues to occur.  As a result, I would like to be able to ban certain people from commenting on the ***** facebook page.  Is this possible?”

My Reply: 

Yeah I’ve checked your page out a few times since and you guys are rocking it!

So a few things…
  • You can use the moderation settings in the admin section to set blocklists if there are particular terms or phrases you want to trap in wall posts if that is relevant.
  • You can ban people as they make a comment by hiding that post (click on the little cross next to their comment) and then in the follow on menu choose to ban the person.
  • If its a case that they have liked your page but not yet posted and you still want to ban them from posting in the future you can proactively do this to.
  • It’s a little trickier – watch the video walk through.
This video shows the different methods:
It can be a challenge.
Because most people use their normal facebook account and are not anonymous it does tend to result in better behaviour than if they were leaving a comment on a website for example.