How to Manage Your Online Business Relationships Better


Screenshot of Rapportive



If your Redcliffe small business is using Gmail there’s a very useful customer relationship management application called Rapportive that plugs straight into your mail and adds a lot of functionality to it.

Below we show you what you need to know.

What Is Rapportive?

Essentially Rapportive has sprung out of the social media revolution. It shows you information and details about your contacts and is visible from your inbox.

It shows what people look like, where they are and what they do. It also relates details such as recent tweets or shared interests you have; you can add notes about the contact too and interact instantly through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

It’s a way of managing your contacts and relationships that’s far more in-depth and efficient than the Gmail contacts facility.

Who Can Use Rapportive?

If you have a lot of contacts, as many small businesses do have, it’s a great way of managing relationships better and instantly calling up essential and even real-time information about people in your business network.

Knowing what someone has recently tweeted or posted on other social networks as you craft your email to them allows the opportunity to really personalise the communication. This can make you standout is a sea of boring impersonal business communications.

Of course it can help privately too, with friends and family – anyone who uses Gmail and has a lot of online relationships to manage can benefit from it.

How To Start Using It

Rapportive is FREE and can be downloaded and installed in 2 minutes from HERE. Simply download it, install it, restart your web browser and it will appear at the top of your Gmail account when you log in.

The Future

Bear in mind that the Rapportive tool is still growing up!

It was only released last year so, as time passes, new improvements will be added and it seems to be very committed to keeping pace with the social media changes that are taking place.

And Don’t Forget….

If you are a Redcliffe small business using Gmail there’s no excuse for still using a [email protected] email address. If you are using a,, or similar address for your business then read about why we recommend more professional email addresses.

Gmail allows you to manage a [email protected] address transparently. Contact Mick for more details on how to do this, as it will help the branding of your business to get this set up.

Is anyone out there already using Rapportive? If so, share your comments below!