Infographic – Apple’s fine over iPad 4G claims in perspective

APPLE has admitted misleading Australian consumers about its new iPad connection capabilities and has been ordered to pay a $2.25 million fine over breaches of the Trade Practices Act.

A Federal Court judgment handed down this morning by Justice Mordecai Bromberg described misleading advertising that iPads in Australia were 4G compatible was “deliberate” conduct and “serious and unacceptable”. ~ Herald Sun

When the latest iPad was released in a Australia it was advertised as having 4G compatibility which was in line with its global branding and advertising.

Australia has a different definition for a 4G network than the rest of the world it turns out and the iPads did not actually connect with Telstra’s 4G network. The ACCC has been pursuing the case since then.

In the judge’s comments he noted that “I harbour a concern that the size and financial strength of Apple diminishes the meaningfulness of the penalty imposed.

Apple’s sales are well and truly up over their previous year but the graphic below puts into perspective the size of the fine even against last years figures.

Comparing the ACCC fine that Apple will pay with the company's profit in 2011