[Interview] A Monk, a Tailor and a Writing Coach walk in a bar…


If you have an email marketing system or blog gathering dust and your subscribers are beginning to forget who you are then this episode of the Redcliffe Marketing is for you.martin-stellar

Martin Stellar (www.martinstellar.com) is an email writing coach based in Spain.

This is a fun episode where Martin shares not only some tips around writing but the mindset you should be developing so that you can overcome your own barriers to getting words down on the page/screen.

Equipment you’ll need for this episode: a thumbtack and something to take notes with!

If you have questions about the interview drop them in the comments below. MartinĀ and I will jump and answer them for you.

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  • http://www.smallbusinessnaked.com/ Nick May

    Great interview Mick. Martin had some great stuff to share. Loved the story about the three people in our head.

    • http://Martinstellar.com/ Martin Stellar

      Yup – those three identities, that’s the key to writing fast and fluently. Practice that, and almost everyone can become a fast writer.

  • Paula Mould

    A very useful interview. Having a daily practice is a good idea. Showing up and working rather than waiting for muse to strike is entirely correct. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://Martinstellar.com/ Martin Stellar

      It’s the best way to summon the muse

  • Mark Robinson

    Great interview! I’ve known Martin for a while now and he really knows his stuff and is brilliant at what he does. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anybody!

    • http://Martinstellar.com/ Martin Stellar

      Thanks Mark, much appreciated!

  • Paul Smart

    This gold. Smashing out an assignment today. No backspace, and spell correct turned off.

    Thank you Martin.

    Vineyard Paul

    • http://Martinstellar.com/ Martin Stellar

      Thanks Paul. If backspace troubles you, just put a thumbtack on it