Marketing, Social Media and Business with Tarran Deane


Tax, staff, Government red tape, cashflow, local regulations, lease costs, marketing, websites, social media…

You as a small business owner have a lot on your mind every day.

Another group of people that have a lot on their minds are company CEOs and executives. In many cases thousands of people’s livelihoods and that of their families hang off the decisions they make that might not see the light of day for months down the track.

Together, you the small business owner and company or organisation CEO/Executives etc are definitely ‘leaders’.

Our guest today is Tarran Deane (Corporate Cinderella) who has been in both camps and now works with leaders to help them overcome some of the struggles above so they can stay in the game longer.

Specifically we get into the details of marketing and social media that Tarran has learnt along the way and how she is implementing those in her own small business.

Its worth looking at Tarran’s company website to see the online marketing elements used there – video, social media, email, images, blogging, wordpress, remarketing. You can also download Tarran’s book ‘Just What Do You Stand For’ from the site.

Tarran and I are also joined by a past guest on the Redcliffe Marketing Show – Michael Hanson. Michael is a Gold Coast based film director and business story teller working under the cover of

Drop your questions about the interview in the comments below. Tarran, Michael and I will continue the conversation with you there.

00:33 Tarran Deane intro
01:13 Corporate Cinderella mission
02:40 Marketing knowledge business – social media arrives
03:30 Intensional sharing and opening up to being personal
04:10 Networking groups didn’t work early on
05:00 Working out who your tribe is
06:11 Inbound marketing – ‘free’ traffic through content creation
09:50 Content curation process
11:29 Instaquote app
12:30 Tweeting at events
14:30 Joint Ventures through relationships
15:30 Authority sites and reaching your market
16:58 Writing headlines and blog post titles
19:01 Problem – Solution – quantification
19:55 Video marketing as a channel – distribution

“Its not actually about you. It’s about the people that you’ll reach, its about the impact and difference you’ll make, its about the sense of permission that other people will receive from you as they see you being brave and trying new things”

22:50 Surrounding yourself with a great team and advisors
24:18 Finding the ‘fight’ in your industry that you can position around
27:15 Top books and recommendations

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