New Dec 2013 Facebook for Business Workshop Announced

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Video Transcript:

G’day, folks! It’s Mick Cullen here from Redcliffe Marketing Labs. I just want to let you know that we’ve scheduled a new Facebook workshop for December. I want to take you through the ticket page and give you all the details about that workshop.

Right now, we’re looking at the Eventbrite ticket page for the workshop. The workshop is called “Facebook for Business Essential Training.” And that is exactly what it is, it’s all about how to use Facebook to promote your business and the things you need to know to be able to do that effectively.

This is going to be on a Friday. It’s the 6th of December, 2013. It’s going to be from 9:00 in the morning through to 4:00 p.m. We have these tickets that are at a reduced rate when you get in early. Otherwise, the standard tickets are available once the early bird time period runs out or they sell out. You can find the tickets there.

The event is actually going to be at Scarborough Beach Resort. So it’s the top end of the Redcliffe Peninsula, right at the front of the beach there. They have some coffee shops and they’ve got a fantastic little conference room there. That’s where we hold most of our workshops.

Again, the video. You can come to the page and watch into a bit more about the event itself. Probably more interesting for you guys will be listening to what other people have to say. These are past attendees who will give you an idea of what their experience was when they came to the workshop. You can check that out.
Information here is really just setting the scene on why Facebook is so important for you guys to be involved with right now and to be using it effectively for your business. There are a number of statistics here. You can read through about the size of Facebook and how many people are using it.

There’s a couple of screen grabs from feedback we’ve had from previous attendees. You can see their rating, “five out of five”. How much of the Facebook knowledge you increased? This says “lots!”
Would you recommend other people to do it? They said “Yes; it’s super valuable.”
How much is Facebook knowledge increased? “A thousand percent”, someone said there.
“I loved it all. It’s a must for any business.” “There’s awesome possibilities to expand your business. Potential to increase advertising on Facebook.”

For lot of people, the most valuable part of what they get out of the training though is just the confidence. That they can leave the workshop and know they are happy to go back home or back to their business and actually get on and use Facebook and not be scared – to just have that confidence to promote their business and know how to do it.

Again, here, how much you’ve increased your knowledge? “Exponentially.” Recommendations for others, they said “just do it” and “go for it”.

We get fantastic reviews. People love the day and there is a lot of information that we’re sure to transfer across that you can take away.

Now the thing is you can do this the slow way – which is go out and watch YouTube videos and try to sift through and work out which are the right things to be doing or you can just get it done in one big hit in a day and catch up as quick as you can and get up to speed quickly on Facebook marketing.

Again, some feedback here from clients. “Very satisfied.” “Excellent workshop.” “Five out of five.” “Knowledge increased massively.”

You might feel surprised that we can go and talk for seven hours on Facebook – that reflects the amount and quality of the content that we’ll fit in that period. It’s definitely a lot of information to transfer across and importantly, for you to get a chance to practise with.

Here, again, “highly recommended to anyone in business.”

You can go right down through here for what the workshop entails and what we’ll go through. You can read that on your own time. A bit about me – this gives your some background of who this person is, who is going to standing up and talking to you on the day. A few recommendations are under there. Again, the details of the when and where. So the 6th of December at Scarborough Beach Resort and we’ll kick off at 9:00am.

Get there a little bit early so you can setup WiFi access. You will be able to be on the internet on the day in the conference room and we’ll actually be working on your Facebook page as we go through the day. It’s very practical and hands-on. I highly encourage bringing a laptop. You can get by with an iPad or another tablet device but again, there will be power and WiFi and everything you need so I really recommend a laptop.

The cost – it’s $370 per person for the full day of training. Compare that to a training course in Brisbane city or anywhere else for a full-day cost on anything and that’s really, really good value. To put it in perspective, in the next 12 months, how many new clients do you just need to pick up to justify the cost of tickets and your investment in attending. So that is the basic value of equation you need to look at.

It’s fully money back and satisfaction guaranteed. At the end of the day, if you don’t think you got your money’s worth, just come and let me know and I will refund your money back, no questions ask. So zero risk. I’ll take all the risk for you.

Just know that there are limited seats to ensure you get the most out of it and we do only run this every couple of months. If you miss out now, it’s going to be well into 2014 before you’ll be able to catch up again. So if you don’t want to wait until 2014 to get Facebook running in your business, then get along to this Facebook training.

Really important down at the bottom here is extra free resources that you can take advantage of. The first one is a local training group that gets together every month and has been running for about two-and-a-half years. There are 180 local business owners who are in that group. Well worth joining that group and seeing what everyone else is doing. There is two hours worth of online marketing training videos and a productivity tools handout that you can download and go through at any time.

Even if you can’t make the Facebook workshop, this stuff will help you out in your business. You can grab that from the bottom of the ticket page.

Also, I recommended a list of books that you might be interested in for marketing. I’ll see you guys there – it’s the Scarborough Beach Resort on 6th of December.

Get in early if you want to get the discount tickets, otherwise, it’s still a great value at $370 for the day and that’s it.

It’s guaranteed, plenty of information, plenty of social proof from other people who has gone through with it. If you think that’s for you, then grab a ticket. If you have any questions, let me know and there should be a link below this video to the ticket page if you need it.

Okay, until next time.

I’m Mick from Redcliffe Marketing Labs. I’ll talk to you soon. Cheers.