No ink was harmed in the making of these Ads

Digital ads in general and especially pay per click channels like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads are very low cost(if not free) to make. So make multiple versions and run them in competition with each other to find the best one.

use multiple versions of ads to test response


Once you have a winner, keep testing it against new versions.

This process is called split testing.

The goal here is constant improvement – marketing that becomes more effective every single month.

Prevent ‘wastage’ by excluding groups of people or locations that won’t be your customers.

Take what you learn from your digital marketing and then apply this back into your offline material and even search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, confident that your message is tried, tested and on target for your customer demographic.

This is the allure that online marketing provides for business owners and marketers.

Give it a go! If you need help then look for free online resources. If time poor then chat with an online marketing consultant.