Online Marketing Reset Meetup Presentation

Last night was the April Meetup for the Redcliffe Small Business Web Marketing group.

The workshop was held at the Redcliffe Hive co-working space in Suttons Street, Redcliffe. This followed on from a Council organised business networking event.

The topic last night was “2014 Online Marketing Reset: Changes and updates to keep ahead of the pack“.

The photo below was taken of the group and uploaded using the WordPress iOS app as a demonstration of creating content on the fly.

redcliffe marketing 2014 reset meetup group photo 520

Things we covered were changes to the marketing landscape in Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, rise of platforms(Amazon, iTunes, Soundcloud, YouTube, Slideshare) and Content Marketing.

The biggest questions that group members had focused on getting ROI from their marketing, how to address not having enough time, how to leverage their website, what to do if all your audience is on Facebook and where to get content ideas from.

Next month’s Meetup is “Promoting your business through Pinterest“. Pinterest is turning into a high profile traffic source so this will be a timely session to attend and get up to speed on how to leverage this for your business.

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