Online Video – 2012 US Election Weapon of Choice


Online Video

We live in some pretty amazing times.  Just think of the Startrek’ish ability of a new phone that you might have in your pocket right now. Same goes for video technology.

With nothing more than a phone you can now get a video message from your business to a possible audience of billions on YouTube/Facebook etc.

All for free.

Go back 10 years and imagine the cost and equipment that you would need to invest in to achieve this same effect.

I went to a Channel 9 sales day at their studio designed for small business 18 month ago. Packages started at $55,000 per year for a 15 sec slideshow ad… on their 2nd tier channel ‘GO’.

I think I’m yet to have ever watched the GO channel.

At the end of the year you need to pay again to get the same exposure.

No wonder online video is going gang busters!

The last US presidential election was heavily focused on social media.

This year it will be online video (which is still social media really)

Check this out:

While you are watching think about the fact that they are paying zero cost to share that video with you. For an amazingly good breakdown of the video read through this analysis and you’ll see the video with new eyes. It is amazing how much message can be delivered in a short space of time and much of it subliminally.




Here’s to hoping Australian politicians can up their game and get some decent online videos out.
Know of an Australian politician taking their message direct to the people via online video? Let us know in the comments…