Quick Time Saving Tip


How many hours per day do you spend in front of a keyboard?

If the answer is not many then you might want to skip this post.

Those of us for whom the keyboard is the tool of our trade really need to look at our typing speed as a place we can look to carve back some extra time in the day.

This is something I’ve not worked hard at for a while now. I have previously spent time on the classic Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing programs but I’ve just done the speed test at www.typingtest.com.

At 37 words per minute I need to bump that up again :-(

It shouldn’t be hard to add another 20% to that score – which is a possible 20% gain in productivity. When couched in those terms it may even be worth looking at including it in staff evaluation processes as a professional improvement goal for those of you with employees.

Online Typing Speed Test (mp3)

Have a crack at the typing test and post your score in the comments below!