Redcliffe Marketing Labs – 5 Hour Support Pack

Frustrated Woman at Computer With Stack of PaperIt can be frustrating getting your online marketing moving if you are not familiar with the tasks. You know ‘what’ you want the end result to look like but you get stuck in the details of ‘how’ to do it.

By the time you’ve nutted it out and looked up how to do it, then had a go at it yourself – other things in your business have gone unattended. Or you just never get around to it and your marketing goes backwards and becomes an anchor instead of a part of your business that makes you money.

Just like you take your car to a mechanic when you need something done – does it make sense to spend hours on your online marketing when we can do it quickly, efficiently and get results happening for you.

Whether you use the time to sit by the pool, play with your kids, convert new prospects or service existing customers while we work is entirely up to you.

What is it costing you every single week in time, money and effort by not hiring us?

  • Hours are valid 12 months from purchase.
  • Hours can’t be refunded
  • Hours can be used for any of the tasks below
  • We only work with WordPress websites (and you should too)
  • Need something done that you don’t see here? Ask us

Marketing 5 Hour Support Pack - Buy Now

(Just looking for a 1-off quick task?)

Website Troubleshooting

  • Not every problem has a known solution. Any time we spend diagnosing or working on fixes can’t be refunded.

Add Content To Your Website For You

  • install new logo
  • upload your images, new blog posts / pages
  • add testimonials
  • embed videos/audio

Setup Google Analytics

  • know the numbers behind your website visitors
  • how do they get to your website, what are the most important pages for them

Setup YouTube, Facebook or Twitter Pages

  • get your business setup on social media properly

Add Social Media Buttons To Your Website

  • allow people to find out more about your business
  • potentially capture them as fans/followers/subscribers to maintain contact

Create A Video From Your Photos

  • adding video to your website and social media makes your message more engaging
  • we’ll convert your still photos (products, behind the scenes, venue etc) to short videos with music background

Setup Live Chat On Your Website

  • chat to your website visitors and close more sales

Marketing 5 Hour Support Pack - Buy Now

(Just looking for a 1-off quick task?)

Facebook Ad Campaigns

  • arguably the most advanced and targeted advertising platform that exists
  • target your prospects by age, sex, location, interests and more
  • keep top of mind with your current fans (on average only 1/3 see any one post you make)
  • we’ll create your ads and setup your campaigns for you

Website Hosting Migration

  • need to moving website hosting services? We can do that for you

Website Logo Creation

  • give us a brief on what you are looking for and we’ll design you a logo

Add Shopping Cart to Website

  • sell things from your website 24/7

Website Security Hardening

  • getting hacked can be expensive (do you have a backup of your website?)
  • there is the risk you’ll lose your website, it can hurt your search engine ranking, there is a $$ cost to lost business and your reputation
  • while its impossible to make a website completely secure we’ll get you pretty close!

Website Backup

  • take snapshot of your website files and database then send to you
  • always be able to restore your website

Setup Adwords Retargeting

  • start building an audience of people that visit your website in Google Adwords
  • you can show ads to just these people when you are ready
  • some of the most effective paid advertising you can do

Customer Support Desk Setup

  • keep your important customer communications out of your inbox and in a dedicated support platform
  • easy to work with, lost cost ($20/yr for a small business)
  • see where staff are up to with requests and share corporate knowledge

Speed Up Your Website

  • we’ll improve the load times of your website so that visitors don’t get frustrated and leave
  • becoming even more important as the % of mobile phone visitors to your site increases

Email Newsletter Setup

  • keep in touch with your customers and prospects
  • position yourself as an authority and source of quality information in your chosen market
  • make sure that you are top of mind when your customers need to purchase

Email Capture Form Design

  • increase the number of website visitors that become email subscribers with a professional email capture design.

If you are not sure that this package is right for you or what you need done is not listed then click here to check with us first.

Use the button below to buy now, or email [email protected] and we will send you an invoice.

Marketing 5 Hour Support Pack - Buy Now

(Just looking for a 1-off quick task?)