Redcliffe Small Business Tools for Under a Dollar!

As a Redcliffe small business owner you have hopefully allocated a budget to your online marketing so that you can start to grow your web business.

What we’re going to show you in the following video is not going to do much damage to that budget – it’s a great little app for your iPhone or iPad that will help you to add a lot of functionality to your business images and video – and the best part is that it costs just 99 cents!!

It’s called “360 Panorma” and it’s available here for any owners of iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, or iPad 2.

It allows you to take a real-time panoramic view wherever you are and save, email or share it with your Facebook and Twitter friends immediately. All you have to do is tap the screen and pan around and it takes a high resolution capture of wherever you are. It takes less than 2 minutes!

Now this all sounds great, you may be thinking; fantastic if I’m watching a game at the Gabba and want to show the scene to my friends, but how can it help me in my business?

Well, all you local real estate agents trying to sell or rent properties, café owners and B & B owners trying to drum up business, wedding or meeting place owners trying to promote your venues – to name but a few – think how well this could market your business!

One way or another, your small business depends on the impact your venue or the venue you are trying to sell, has in the eyes of the buyer.

What better way to “sell” the “insides” and the “outsides” of your properties to your customers than show them a 360 degree view of it in its best light?

You can email links to prospective clients so they can view your premises or property you’re trying to sell, before seeing it “in the flesh”, or you could even include a link to your panoramic view in your email signature.

Android owners don’t despair – similar types of apps are available for Androids and you can view them here.