Redcliffe Social Media Training & Facebook Observation

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The group is running a Facebook evening tonight and its fully subscribed however this video talks very briefly about it before covering something interesting about where your Facebook information can find itself.

I’ve only just noticed this today. The popular wordpress blog platform has a plugin that allows visitors to leave comments on blog posts using their Facebook profile login. What is happening in this instance is that information from the profiles is being pulled out by Facebook and displayed on the blog next to the persons comment.

The information displayed depends on who you, the reader, are. Facebook appears to be comparing your profile with the profile of the person commenting on the blog and then presenting personalised information. For examples ‘friends with xxxxx’ where xxxx is a mutual friend.

Watch the video to see what I’m writing about.

What to take away from this?

1. Be aware that your profile information does not only get displayed on Facebook but can be syndicated onto other websites which are integrated into Facebook.

2. Just as actively commenting on relevant blogs and linking to your website is a good way of building backlinks for search engine optimisation, now leaving relevant and topical comments on blogs with Facebook Commenting enabled provides a chance for people to click through on your company information to your Facebook Page. So make sure your personal profile has a link to your business page. See the image below.

How to link Facebook Profile to a Business Page

Is this going to cross your mind when commenting on blog posts or is it something to be leveraged to spread awareness of your brand or business? Leave a comment below and let me know.