Redcliffe Style Interview and Social Media Tips

Rachel from Redcliffe Style shares some social media tips.


Rachel is being very successful at building up an online profile around her blog Redcliffe Style.

Much of this comes from regularly producing online content that engages with her audience and by injecting her upbeat and friendly personality into it. As such Rachel is starting to become a ‘go to’ person in the local Redcliffe area when it comes to a range of fashion, beauty and style topics.

Local businesses looking to build their profile online can model what Rachel is doing in their own market. Creating your own content, becoming a publisher of information on your blog and social media sites not only makes you more visible online but builds your credibility and market leadership.

It can start with something as simple as a Facebook post or setting up a Twitter account – the most important thing is to just try something and then keep improving.

Want to get in contact with Rachel? Rachel is looking to connect with fun and enthusiastic business owners in the Redcliffe area who’s services or products can fall into the areas of fashion, arts, beauty and style. Send emails to [email protected] is a group of local business owners that meets monthly to learn about making their business more visible online and to share their experiences. Check it out and if its something you are interested in then join up – its free!