RTA Using Facebook Ads

Following on the heels of the last post I just jumped onto Facebook to complain to anyone that would listen about my current attack of hay fever. The following image shows the Facebook Ad that was displayed on my newsfeed wall.
Government Departments using Facebook


Clicking through on the Ad takes you to the NSW Roads and Traffic Authority(RTA) website where you can check how many demerit points you have left on your licence.


RTA website linked from Facebook Ad


Good on the RTA for adapting to emerging channels such as Facebook Ads for public service announcements. Someone there is earning their salary and is on the ball. Government departments are not known for taking risks so this is another indication that Facebook is now a mainstream marketing channel and so it should be with 10 million + Australians on the platform.

The cost of Facebook Ads is likely to hike upwards as more and more businesses compete for display space on users screens. If you’re not already using them then get in while the going is good.