$30 Website Check-Up

If you’re a car owner you probably take your vehicle in for a “check up” every 6 months or so, to make sure it’s running properly?

And your car is something that costs you money; it doesn’t make you money.

When was the last time you had a check up of your web site? This is something that has the potential to make you money – lots of it.Yet has it been sitting there doing nothing for a few years? Have you given up on it ever making you a cent?

90% of all web site failures are due to them not having enough traffic. And that means they are not getting their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) right.

If this is your problem we can help. We’ll give your web site the “check up” and “tune up” it’s been crying out for. For just $30!!!!!!!

What is a $30 Web Site Check Up?

We will provide a report on the health of your web site, showing you the following:

  • A full SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) run-down of your Web Site showing you what you are doing well and what needs improvement.
  • Suggested action steps
  • A social media status check – your present use of Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Google Analytics check-up
  • A report on your back-links
  • Blog and RSS feed information
  • A 15-minute phone conversation to discuss the issues raised and answer questions

Who Could Use a Web Site Check Up?

You can use a web site check up if:

  • Your web site was built a few years ago and you haven’t touched it since. In this case it REALLY needs a check up!
  • If your web site was built by a friend or relative who is not familiar with all the latest SEO methods
  • You just had an expensive new web site built and you want to know whether the “back end” is going to do its job of getting traffic to your web site to pay for it!

Plug Up the Holes!

Really – $30 gets you nothing in business marketing these days. It’s considerably less than the cost of an ink cartridge for a laser printer!

A simple $30 web site check up can identify ways to plug the holes where you are simply flushing away lost revenue every day.

90% of the necessary tweaks to a web site can be identified very quickly and easily and that’s where Redcliffe Marketing Labs can come in, give your site the “once over” and then come back to you with what holes need plugging.

We’ve been doing this for a while and we’’ll run a keen eye over your site, showing you how you can optimise and improve it to drive traffic there. More traffic always means more sales in the “numbers game” we know to be true.

We’ll look at the technical areas that most small businesses get wrong with their website to see if you are suffering the same fate. These are issues that can be holding you back in the search engines or just making your visitors experience less enjoyable and informative than it could be.

For Example….

Do you know how mobile friendly your website is?

Why is that important? Well, the mobile market is exploding and generally when someone searches on a mobile device and comes to your page then their ‘intent to buy’ is high and this is not the time to be offering up a poorly optimised site for mobile users – you’ll drive them away to one of your local competitors…..the last thing you want, I’m sure.

Our report will let you know where you stand and suggest ways to convert leads (visitors) into sales (profit).

Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee – if you don’t think you’ve got sufficient value from the report then your money will be returned no questions asked.

There’s Nothing to Lose…

…and a boost in sales to gain!

Just drop a line to Mick Cullen at XXXXXX to make arrangements for your $30 web site check up.