Email Marketing Consulting and Do It For You

Let’s be clear – we are not talking about spam. We are talking about targeted email campaigns that allow a select group of existing or potential customers to be kept up to date with your products and services.

How Well Do You Know Your Web Site Visitors?

For those of you new to how this works, then consider your own web site, if you have one. The visitors that come to your site are probably directed there through the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. These people were interested enough in your market area to type in a search term relating to your business and then click on the link to your web site. We can call them “self qualified” and they are certainly potential customers.

How to Convert Visitors into Potential Customers

These visitors may leave and come back later or they may never return. The question is how to ensure their visit is not wasted? Wouldn’t it be better for those visitors to leave their email address in return for something … like a free report on your area of expertise? You both gain something from the transaction – you become an authority in the customer’s eyes and retain their email address for future targeted campaigns; they get your report to help them.

This allows you to build a database of customers and potential customers that can receive monthly or quarterly information from you. Again we are not talking about blatant “buy this” campaigns, but newsletters and reports that keep your customer base up to date with what’s going on in your company, in the market in general and with new products and services or promotions from you tagged on. It is mutually beneficial and people will have the option to unsubscribe from your mailing list, if they so wish.

A Successful Approach to Email Marketing Will…

  • Build your Authority
  • Keep your Business ‘Top of Mind’
  • Answer Common Questions
  • Move the Buyer Closer to a Purchase Decision
  • Call the Customer to Action

Remember that we are not talking about instant sales, though of course it’s great if this happens. What we are focusing on is repeated contact with the potential customer and building your credibility and authority.

Let Redcliffe Marketing Labs Manage the Hard Work

Where the team at Redcliffe Marketing Labs can step in is to set your web site systems to automate the whole process of regular customer contact.

Our team can arrange it so that pre-configured and well thought out emails can be delivered to your website visitors regularly. We will allow you to track how many people open your emails so you can measure their success and make adjustments to the process, as required.

All of this can be achieved with no extra time or effort from you or your staff.

In fact, the only time it will take is the time taken for you to write an email now to [email protected] to arrange some initial free consultation.

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