Internet Video Marketing For Your Business

One of the fastest growing phenomenons out there in business marketing tools is Internet Video. It’s here, it’s already growing, it’s not going away and if you are not considering it for your business then you are certainly missing a beat.

The National Broadband Network roll out across Australia is meaning that enhanced online marketing is now not only viable, but becoming a necessary part of any modern company’s marketing strategy.The fact is that High Definition video is becoming the standard way to promote ideas and products.

The beauty is that you can promote your business dynamically and effectively without hiring an expensive PR firm. All the tools you need are close to home and there are professionals out there who can step in to create the image your company needs to stay ahead of the game. Read on and you will find out how…

You May Be Surprised To Know That….

  • Four out of five online Australians (81 per cent), or 10.7 million people, watched videos online in July, with almost a billion (970 million) videos viewed that month.
  • The average viewer watched more than seven hours of video, meaning that Australians’ use of online video rivals the time they spend on social networking site Facebook, which has risen above eight hours a month. (The Australian)
  • We are not not just talking about video on computers.  People now increasingly watch videos on their mobile phones, iPad-type devices and TVs. In 2010, 20% of TVs manufactured came Internet-ready, out of the box.
  • It is now generally considered that online video is second only to word-of-mouth in convincing buyers to purchase a given product.
    • The power of social media means that videos are being shared and spread at a rapid rate. Your same video can be placed on YouTube, your Facebook page or your website, just as a start. Check out our distribution services below for more ideas on how we can get your marketing message out there far and wide.
    • The whole process  is interactive – from the call to action, through commenting on your video, the customer responses, and viral sharing on social media sites.
    • The process is entirely measurable – video views can be fully tracked and Google Analytics can report on the traffic being driven to your website from YouTube etc.
    • Video gives a face to your business. It allows you to impart your passion for what you do  and builds a rapport with customers so they feel like they already know you when you meet them for the first time. It can build trust and start the sales process before they even get to your store.
    • While it is an increasing trend to use Internet video, few businesses are taking full advantage of its impact on potential customers. It is a chance to put your business at the leading edge of your market or, if you are there already, remain ahead instead of being overtaken.
    • Creating videos doesn’t have to be complicated – technology and social media has made it a quick and relatively easy process to get from talking in front of a camera to being viewed online.
    • You can create the company image that you want to portray, according to your business. It can even be humorous and can be designed to be attention grabbing in innovative ways.
    • People now EXPECT to see video when they visit a web site or look to buy a product online. They want to be captivated and the previous formats of static web pages appear a little “old hat” nowadays.
    • YouTube is the largest video sharing site that has ever existed and it is the 2nd largest search engine in the world..
    • It is owned by Google – the largest search engine in the world – and Google can display videos on the first page of its search results: a key business advantage.
    • It’s growing every day with 24 hours of video being uploaded every minute. It’s not just music videos and people falling off their skateboards – increasingly it’s companies promoting their services.
    • YouTube does all the work of hosting, sharing and promoting your videos – you just provide the content.
    • YouTube channel video is available to be viewed by anyone in the world with an Internet connection, 24hrs a day and on computers, phones and TVs.
    • You can advertise your videos when people search for your keyword terms for as little as 2c per view.

Bang For Your Buck….

Budget considerations are always important. The truth is that we can work within most budgets. If you just want to use your mobile phone to create an initial promotional video, then we can show you the way; if you need a high-end, tailor-made, finely edited production that is designed for a wider audience, then we can do that too.

Key Internet Video Services Provided By Redcliffe Marketing Labs

YouTube Channel Creation – Can You Afford Not to Be There?

The question you might need to ask soon is “Can I afford not to be there?”

Redcliffe Marketing Labs will create your channel for you and help you claim your digital real estate in this growing online metropolis! Please note that YouTube user names are first in/best dressed so its best to grab yours NOW even if you aren’t ready to fully adopt the platform.

Customised Background – Stand Out from the Crowd

With our know-how, we will create a custom YouTube background for your channel which incorporates your current branding, colours and logo and shows your business in its best light.

This will also give you the ability to advertise your other social media sites and to strongly prompt the visitor to subscribe to your channel.

Video Production – The Professional Way

We can shoot your video in the comfort of your own home, office or other business premises, using our own quality equipment.

After initial consultation with you, our professional processes are designed to create the short videos that will deliver what your customers are looking for and get them coming back for more.

If you are worried about your screen presence we will coach you on how to appear natural on camera and assist with script ideas.

We can then shoot the video and create a High Definition version that is ready to be uploaded to YouTube, Facebook and your web site. But it doesn’t stop there(see distribution below).

For larger businesses looking for an extra professional touch we can also provide TV broadcast professional introductions and titling.

Or you can even BYO! If you already have a video from a previous TV campaign then we will help you get it ready for being viewed on the Internet.

In short, our aim is to make you a video star, even if you don’t know the first thing about video!

Search Engine Optimisation = View-ability and Presence For Your Business

The title of the video needs to be optimised for search engines, so that the key ones pick it up and list it when people search for your keywords (SEO strategy.) This will make your videos viewable by potential customers who are searching for products in your field.

We will also do a few things that most YouTube users just don’t know about to include calls to action, increase user engagement and show the customer the next step they have to take to contact you.

YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine so you want to be employing techniques to rank highly.

Growing Your Market – Build it and They will Come?

Once your video is online you might sit back and wait for people to find it.

But it’s usually much smarter to actively go out and find people locally and further afield who may be interested in your product or service and bring them to your YouTube channel to view your videos.

We know how to build your friends list on YouTube and get you more subscribers each month.

With increased video views, YouTube friends and subscribers your videos will achieve better ranks in search results and in suggested videos on Google.

Importantly, this lends SOCIAL PROOF to your company.

This added credibility is permanent– the view counts attributed to your video/s remain unless you close the channel.

Distribution – Spreading Your Message Far And Wide

You’ve done the initial hard work and incurred the outlay for your video or even TV commercial.

The path to real success in getting a great return on your investment is getting that video to as many places as possible.

How do we do this?

Firstly, we take your video and upload it to 10+ video sharing sites to get it in front of as many people as possible; we strip the audio and turn this into a podcast and then upload the audio to podcast sharing sites. Then we embed the video into a number of blogging sites such as and

In this way we ensure that your one video has its distribution boosted many many times over.

But why stop there? Next we create a transcript of the video and turn this into an article which is submitted to another 20+ article sites.

Then we ping a whole range of social bookmarking sites so that people can find your videos, podcasts and articles very easily.

It’s a Jungle Out There – Do You Want To Be the Lion?

This whole process is fantastic for search engine optimisation as it generates multiple back links to your website for every video you produce.

Back-links mean extra credibility for you and your products, providing further visibility for your business in what has become a jungle of products and information that is the modern Internet.

Don’t forget Google owns YouTube. They will even serve up your videos and include a video thumbnail in their search results. We are getting some of our videos onto the first page of Google for their related search terms! This is huge!

So You Need a Video – What Now?

Seeing as you have nothing to lose why not drop an email to [email protected]? Outline your business, its services/products, who your customers are and what you would like to achieve with online video marketing.

PS. Our suggestion is that you act quickly. If you’ve read the service offerings then you can appreciate just how much time we are investing on your behalf. It is obviously impossible to do this for every business in the area – its a case of first come first served.

PPS. If your competitor contacts us first, then it could be a painful year seeing their videos dominate search results for your keywords every time your potential customers search for your service or product online.

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