LinkedIn Training

7pm Tuesday 24th May, Sandgate Community Centre

While the other social media sites are largely there for the general sharing of peoples lives with their family and friends, LinkedIn takes a very business approach.

LinkedIn is where HR types, professionals, managers, business owners, CFOs, CEOs and entrepreneurs hangout and connect with each other.

As such it is a much more focused B2B platform with the ability to grow your network, join groups and engage in questions and answers.

“Linkedin is used by 69 of the Fortune 100 companies”

“LinkedIn is 8 years old and this week announced plans to list publicly on the stock market”

“39,000+ companies with an Australian presence are represented on the platform”

Google lends a lot of weight to LinkedIn profiles frequently showing them high in the search results when people are looking for your name.


Discussion will be pretty open ended depending on the input from people on the night but will include:

  • LinkedIn statistics and its Australian uptake
  • Account creation
  • Privacy settings
  • Best practises for profile completion – optimising your setup for SEO
  • What plugin applications work best to showcase your skills or business
  • How to build your professional network
  • Keeping up with your industry or field through Groups
  • Promoting your Company and services through Company Pages
  • Automation tools

This is also a great chance to network with other local business owners interested in social media to promote their services. You might be able to co-ordinate cross promotions and similar joint ventures.

The level of the presentation is pitched at small business owners with more to do than time available so focuses on practical steps that you can quickly and easily apply in your own business.

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Want 10 good reasons for being on LinkedIn?

1. Connect  and increase your network
2. Engage and Collaborate with key people
3. Use as a lead generation tool
4. Increase Brand Awareness and brand equity
5. Build Online Creditability
6. Hire People
7. B2C and B2B Sales
8. Collect market intelligence
9. Build Relationships with clients and prospects
10. Engage in High-Value targeted Conversation

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