Online Competitor Analysis

If you don’t know what your competitors are doing you are exposing your Business unnecessarily to the risk of being overtaken or lagging further behind. Keeping abreast of what’s happening in your market and knowing the other players in that market will allow you to implement the changes that can hopefully keep you at the top of the heap.

One’s thing’s for sure in business: if you are standing still then soon you will be going backwards!

Your competitors’ online presence can tell you a lot about their business and show you the types of visitors they are attracting. Are their visitors also visiting your site? If not, why not? Knowing your competitors will help you re-focus on where you can be improving your own business.

Optimisation counts for so much. If your competitor is getting more traffic than you it’s likely because their web site is better optimised, meaning they have more back-links than you and rank higher in Google’s listings for your shared keywords. Where are these back-links coming from?

Redcliffe Marketing Labs Competitor Analysis Services

If You Don’t They Will!

The team at Redcliffe Marketing Labs can show you the following information about your competitors:

  • What online properties they have
  • What online traffic sources they are using
  • What keywords they are targeting
  • How hard they will be to beat in search results
  • Which sites are linking back to their website
  • How Optimised their Web Site is
  • Where they are Receiving Exposure – From Different Areas to Your Web Site?
  • What customers are saying about the company/s online

Using this information our consultants can then map out with you a blueprint on improvements that you can make to your own Website and a strategy to leverage the areas that the competition is weak in. This will help to start driving potential customers to your site.

For new small businesses in the area, competitor analysis is key to understanding the demands of online business marketing and how it can help you. For established companies in a market that hasn’t really taken advantage of the online marketing boom, it will give you an ideal way to launch your business into a new area, where you will be considered leaders.

If you don’t, the likelihood is that others will.

Take the Lead Now!

Free consultation on Competitor Analysis for businesses in the local Redcliffe area is available now at: [email protected]