Press Release Marketing

Traditionally a Press Release is a letter, fax or email sent to newspaper, magazine, radio and TV editors, containing information deemed to be newsworthy. Nowadays with the increasing dominance of online business marketing, the online Press Release is another “tool” in our “kit-bag” that we should be using to promote our business.

Think of the advantages of having your business activities picked up by local media outlets:

  • Free Advertising
  • A Chance to show the Local Community What You are Providing for Them
  • Ability to Spark Interest from Potential New Clients
  • They can Help Drive Traffic to your Web Site

In addition to these advantages, even if they are not deemed newsworthy enough to be published by the media Press Releases will benefit you in the following ways:

  • They Improve Search Engine Optimisation, helping to ensure your Web Site attains a High Listing in Google and other Search Engines.
  • They provide Additional Content that can be listed on Social Media Sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – increasing potential Web Traffic for your Business.
  • They ensure that the News Section of Your Web Site is Constantly Updated, showing that your Business is Active and you are Serious: this is Important to Potential Buyers.

If you are Serious about creating a Good Online Presence for your Business then you will also be looking to make Videos for your Web Site. Press Releases provide the Basis for a Good Script for these Online Videos.

If you have never had a Press Release written then you are missing these potential boosts to your company’s image and reach. Don’t forget – big business has been using them for years. Now you have the means to get involved too……

Redcliffe Marketing Labs Press Release Services

You let us Know what’s Happening. We turn it into News.

The team at Redcliffe Marketing Labs is experienced in writing imaginative Press Releases for small business. They can create Press Releases for:

  • Company Launches and Mergers
  • New Product Launch (Consumer Good, Website, etc.)
  • Joint Company Partnerships
  • Staff Hiring/Appointment
  • Public Company Performance (Audience Growth, Number of Products Shipped, etc.)
  • Legal Lawsuit or Court Victory/Settlement
  • Recall of Product and Specifics
  • Public Gathering/Convention Event
  • Charity Event
  • Major Contract Win

If your Press Release is written as an Advertisement and not as News it will be roundly dismissed, and you may only have one chance to get exposure for your announcement or event. The trick is to make it newsworthy and relevant to the journalists and editors who will be reading it.

Our Writers know how to get your Press Release noticed and increase its chances of being picked up by local media, which of course gets bombarded with information daily. We know the type of things that journalists are looking for and how to write the articles in such a way that they can stand out in a crowd of information. We also know how to submit them to multiple online PR sites where they can be viewed by the right people.

You let us know what’s happening. We turn it into News.

Tell the World Now: The Next Step…

Have you Implemented any Changes recently to your Business Structure? Have you any Tips that can help Other Small Businesses? Have you held any Meet-ups or Presentations recently that have generated Interest in the Local Community? Have you done any Charity Work recently?
If you answer “Yes” to any of the above then you should tell the local media about it now.

We can show you how….


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