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We’ve all read the Twitter and Facebook posts that are clearly automated and churned out by the thousands per day by marketing companies.They are usually quite easy to spot as they are vague, non-specific and not always up-to-date. It’s great that businesses are using the ballooning social media marketing forum to promote their business and engage with their customers, but how do you get your small Redcliffe business riding this social media marketing wave but also staying real, authentic, meaningful and relevant?

The truth is that it’s kind of understandable that businesses have taken short-cuts to get their message out there as it can be time-consuming to keep updating Facebook pages, adding or editing YouTube videos or making Twitter posts daily. But many have suffered from the whole process being rather…well….soul-less.

How your Redcliffe Business can Keep it Social and Keep it Real with Social Media Marketing

You know that it’s important for your Redcliffe business to be using the social media marketing platforms. You have seen your friends using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to market their small business and you know you should be starting, but you are either confused about where to start, you don’t have the time or know-how or you started a while back but it didn’t seem worthwhile keeping it going.

Unless you really do have the time yourself, or you have creative staff members sitting round the office twiddling their thumbs and doing nothing all day, or you can afford to employ somebody new to keep your social media marketing sites updated, then it makes sense to outsource this marketing, leaving you and your staff free to do what you do best – serving the extra customers it will bring you!

But if you don’t want to end up with the mechanical and monotonous types of posts we were just describing you will need to make sure you choose an online marketing company that will take the time to truly get to know your company and your messages, is creative enough to say what you want to say in an engaging way and will manage the whole process for you……

How Redcliffe Marketing Labs will Manage your Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Management service from Redcliffe Marketing Labs:

  • Is a personally-managed solution with NO automated posting
  • Is run by a dedicated staff member who is briefed and trained to manage your account
  • Includes 40 Facebook updates per month
  • Includes 40 Manual Twitter “Tweets” per month
  • Includes Content Monitoring – both positive and negative feedback is collated for you
  • Includes 4 unique articles written per month, submitted to FaceBook & Twitter and also posted to your website blog, if your blog is WordPress based. All articles are syndicated via our unique Intellectual Property.
  • The Articles will help you rise in Google rankings by optimising your web presence, driving more customers to your site from the search engines.
  • Includes detailed monthly reporting back to you

All We Need From Your Business…..

The only requirements on your business’ time would be the following:

  • 1 Weekly Email with 10 bullet-point happenings about your business
  • 1 Monthly Email with 4 Article Titles – each with 3 bullet points explaining the core subject.

By Implementing a Social Media Marketing Strategy You will See These Benefits:

  • Engaging with your Customers and Potential Customers more regularly
  • Able to Create and Send Offers and Promotions to your Customers easily
  • Easy to Run Competitions with Prizes to promote your Business
  • Increase customer loyalty and even win some raving fans!
  • Increase Interest in your brand will lead to increased Sales
  • Social recommendations of your products will have a huge impact
  • Better Google rankings for your web site by back links from social media sites
  • Able to monitor audience reactions to your Business
  • Incremental programs that don’t cost much to start

Don’t Believe Us About the Power of Social Media Marketing?

Take a look at a few of these real-world examples of how small business has used Social Media Marketing to improve their businesses and their sales.

Australian company Baby Sitters Directory helps parents find the right care for their child. They recognized the business need and the fact that it is faith and trust based, but also identified the importance of online engagement via social media, particularly with women, after reading a study highlighting the high use in that demographic.Using Facebook, Twitter and blogging the company has created a base of useful shared content for parents as they make this important choice. See Here

Silver Kandi is an Australian jewelry store. As of April 2011 they have over 1500 fans and regularly receive several orders a day through their FaceBook shop.

Houston, TX based Coffee Groundz uses Twitter to take orders.The coffee shop has takes orders for take-away items through Twitter’s direct message system. See Here.

AJ Bombers Burger restaurant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin built their personality across Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and YouTube. The business has driven people to their location with social media. Owner Joe Sorge says “Customers are becoming the business.” Read more Here.

Enhance Me is a specialized portrait company that creates custom photos placing kids in magical settings and is using social media like Facebook, Twitter and a blog to promote the business and build relationships with bloggers and customers with measurable results like getting the company endorsed by customers on Here

A company called BlendTec increased its sales 5x by running the often humorous “Will it Blend” Videos on YouTube, blending everything from an iPhone to a sneaker.

New Orleans pizzeria, Naked Pizza, set a one day sales record using social media. In fact, 68 percent of its sales came from people “calling in from Twitter.” On top of that (no pun intended), 85 percent of their new customers were from Twitter.

Let Redcliffe Marketing Labs help your business bring some of this innovation to the Redcliffe area …..

Start Now and Your Business Will Not Be Left Behind!

Perhaps most importantly, by starting now your business will not be left behind by the social media revolution that is changing the way businesses around the World, in Australia and in Redcliffe operate – it’s all connected!

There are several million Generation Y business people going to be starting businesses in the next few years and they are sure to be using social media to its maximum potential to overhaul the established and inflexible businesses that have not changed with the times.

The stark reality is – if you’re not moving forwards you’re moving backwards…the time to cross social media off your to-do list is here! Keeping it Social and keeping it Real to keep it successful!

How to Keep it Social and Keep it Real Now!

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