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If person after person walked into a shop, had a quick look around and then made a bee-line for the door you’d be justified in asking what’s wrong with the shop?

Why is it not keeping people in there for any length of time?

Well a small business web site is your “shop” and whether you are a one-man band accountant, a plumber, a restaurateur with a chain of restaurants or a manufacturer with a factory and 100 employees, your web site should be designed to keep people in your “shop” as they’re more likely to buy something!

People have shorter and shorter attention spans these days and you have about 10 to 15 seconds when a visitor hits your page, to make enough of an impact to keep then there and get your message across.

What’s the cost of lost leads to your business?

Or leads that can’t be converted to sales?

Well, the good news is there IS a more effective way of converting leads (people who come to your web site) into sales (people who end up buying from you.)

Online Video for the Beginner!

Consider how online video will boost the NUMBER of visitors to your site, hold them their LONGER and therefore BOOST SALES for your small business:

  • Short Internet videos are MUCH more effective in grabbing and holding people’s attention than text or images.
  • Online video is more memorable and “sticks” in customer’s minds
  • Optimised Online Video drives traffic to your web site as it improves your web site’s position in search results
  • Online video can build authenticity and shows the world your business is real
  • Internet video can build authority as you show your level of expertise in your area, differentiating your business from your competitors.
  • Internet video can be used to direct sell in your business – call-to-action steps are very effective in moving the sales process along

Online Video for the Busy!

You’re busy? You or your staff don’t have time to write scripts and make videos?

Well, no-one’s asking you to do that. A little time spent upfront is all it takes – remember that getting keeping customers in your “shop” is the single most important thing you can be doing for your online business, so it’s worth taking seriously.

The whole process can be cost-effectively outsourced to video-makers who will not only create a professional video that markets your business like no other method but also optimises it and gets it working for you with the search engines.

Online Video for the Budget-Conscious!

We have entry-level packages that will stand up very favourably amongst other marketing expenditure you make, but will produce a return on investment that will be much greater.

Compared with traditional forms of advertising like Yellow pages, local TV, newspaper and local radio advertising and billboards, our video packages represent great value for money.

Our optimised videos not only add a fresh look and feel to your web site, they help drive traffic there and are aimed at increasing your sales  – and they keep on doing that for as long as they’re left there; not just for the length of one marketing campaign.

Redcliffe Marketing Labs

We can provide all your start-up video needs:

  • XX – second video to introduce your business
  • XX – second video to XXXXX

And we’re a local small business ourselves, based in Redcliffe. We love helping other local businesses get the most from their online marketing.

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