Small Business Big Marketing Podcast

Owner of a Redcliffe region small business? I’m about to share a brilliant source of marketing education with you so keep reading.

This story starts at a Moreton Bay Regional Council networking event put on at Murrumba Downs. It was pretty typical of how these evenings go and was a great chance to find out about just how wide a range of industries exist in the region.

For many of us attending, the event also served as dinner on the go. A chance to recover some of our rate fees. As the event wound up a few of us with children delayed in the hope of escaping domestic duties on return home. One such culprit was Cat Matson from who I traded podcast notes with and she put me onto the podcast that I’m giving a plug to in this video – ‘Small Business Big Marketing’.

Luke and Tim who host the podcast come from different marketing backgrounds but really approach the topic of small business marketing in a down to earth and conversational manner. They are big on being smart about your advertising spend and leveraging new media channels rather than forking out big bucks to the traditional television, radio and print platforms.

Podcast #35 is a good one to check out if you are currently advertising in the Yellow Pages. You need to look at the opportunity cost given the return you could get elsewhere with that same budget.

You can check them out on iTunes or at

If you find them good value then I would love to hear about it. Drop a comment below this post about what you think their best tip is. If you would like help implementing the strategies that they cover then get in touch with me at [email protected]