Small business internet marketing meetup group – First meetup

Last night was the first get together for the Redcliffe Small Business Web Marketing Group organised over at

RBS Morgans – Redcliffe was kind enough to provide the venue and even put on a cheese platter and drinks. Thanks guys, awesome!

The group went through the basics of internet marketing and how search engines work. There was a real mix of experience with several web designers with a good knowledge of the area and small business owners who have up until now had very little to do with websites or internet marketing. This mix and information sharing is exactly why the group has been setup and we are hoping to attract more Redcliffe small business owners to be able to help them out. If you are a plumber, mechanic, electrician, doctor, dentist, corner store owner or similar then there is some real benefit provided by the people in this group.

This quick video was taken at the end of the presentation for some fun and an example that its easy to get things like this up on the web to attract customers.

Are you a small business owner and would like to get free advice on your internet marketing and share experiences with other small business owners in the local area? Head over to and join up for the group. See you at the next meet up.