Social Media Popular Among Royal Families

Official webpage for the royal weddingSocial media sites have become the way forward when looking to share ideas, experiences and information with friends and followers. Many businesses use this technique to advertise their business and ensure that vital information reaches customers old and new. Although this style of publicly declaring everything you do is very modern, some of the oldest establishments such as Royal families are using social networking sites. With the impending Royal wedding being at the front of many people’s minds, you may want to keep up to date with what is happening.

The term social media can cover a huge range of different platforms to get information to a wider audience. Blogs, pod-casts, forums and social networking sites have all began to flood the technology highway. However, these have proved to be an excellent way for both businesses and average people to express their views, ideas and opinions to millions of people. Although these sites were often seen as very simple tools for people to keep in touch in recent years they have become far more.

Many Royal families from all over the world are using these social media sites to improve their image and reconnect with the general public. The Royal wedding has made people take notice of the monarchy once again and the interest is building for news and information on both the wedding and other Royal events. You can follow the royal updates on both Facebook and Twitter very easily and a spokesperson has confirmed that all details will be announced on the social media sites as they happen.

The Royal wedding has helped to improve the image of royal families and has made them appear modern and human. The British Monarchy are well known for marketing themselves well and since the 1930’s the BBC have helped to create an image for them. Every opportunity and event has always been televised. However, using social media sites is a step into the 21st century. Although the British Royal family is noted as the best at publicity, there are other Royal families that use the same tools to great effect.

The Norwegian Royal family have been using Twitter and Facebook to promote their image for some time now. Royal watchers can be updated with what they are doing and where their next public event is going to occur. The Prince will often upload videos and photos onto his fan page, ensuring that everyone is kept up to date. The Norwegian Royal family claim their over-the-top approach with social media sites helps to promote the good causes they are involved with. They even go as far as to have their own channel on YouTube.

Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai, has recently joined one of the top social media networks claiming that he found it the ideal way to speak to his people. The prince is often noted for posting thought-provoking questions for his followers to respond to. Although in the past he has used platforms to discuss relevant information with the media, he now wants to extend that to the general public as well. The Dubai prince is very honest and open on his Facebook page and lists many of his interests.

Although some of the other Royal families around the world have touched on using social media to improve their image, the British have achieved it the best. There are many Facebook pages claiming to be the official fan page, however, there is now an official page for fans to like. You will be able to follow all of the recent news surrounding the Royal wedding, other engagements and announcements they want to release. With over 600,000 fans on the social media site, who all want to be kept up to date, Clarence House has its work cut out.

Official Facebook page for the Royal FamilyThere are people that are wary of the Royal families using such a public platform to discuss events and make announcements. Some of the sites actively encourage people to post comments and criticisms regarding the way they rule their countries. Many anti-Royal groups are in fact using the information on the social media sites to organise protests and demonstrations. There are also many different fake accounts both for the Royal wedding and for other countries’ Royal families as well. Although the Royals are embracing the modern technology that the social media platform is allowing them, they are also providing good old-fashioned announcements in newspapers.

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