Splash Some Old Spice on Your Company’s Cheeks


I’ve written before about the Old Spice online marketing campaign and their brilliant use of online video to trigger a viral campaign. There have been developments!

One of the attractions of this campaign was the voice of the Old Spice actor Isaiah Mustafa and some bright spark out there in Internet-land has taken the voice and created an app that allows you to create an mp3 file to use as a voice mail, featuring the voice of Isaiah Mustafa. There are a few customisations (male/female messages etc) and options available and you can record yours for free here. Have fun!

You can listen to my message here: Listen!

The Old Spice viral marketing campaign cost very little and got the company almost incomprehensible amounts of exposure – scores of millions of views of their videos. Now they have their brand out there on loads of voicemail messages too!

How can we take the lesson from this online marketing campaign and its spin-off products and apply it to our own business? How can we splash a bit of that Old Spice magic on our own small, local Redcliffe company’s cheeks to freshen it up and give it a new image?

Think about what your business can do online for free that would help to spread your brand message or be a real attention grabber out there. It’s a crowded street out there and it’s hard to get noticed – what will it take?

As a local Redcliffe small business you don’t need to aim as high as Old Spice – and you don’t need to create a famous personality to do it – but getting creative and maybe a little humorous can go a long way to getting you seen.

Surf companies have been creating free rear-window stickers for years – what free giveaway could your small business create that people might latch on to and help spread your word?