Systems That Make Millions

As your business scales so does the importance and impact of little things – like this system of Amazon’s.

This is the email Amazon just sent me:

e-commerce shopping cart abandonment

This was triggered several days after I had gone to purchase this particular book but not proceeded all the way through the checkout. If this had been a physical store this ability to reach out and re-engage a customer wouldn’t be available.

When visitors don’t complete an online purchase it is called ‘shopping cart abandonment‘.

Amazon must send out millions of these emails and likewise probably make millions in additional sales because of this process.

Customers like me that actually get into the checkout process are low hanging fruit for e-commerce companies (or any company with an online store component). We have already identified ourselves as interested in the product and something happened at the very last minute to not complete the sale. Its much easier to work on saving this sale then it is to go and find another prospect.

And its a surprisingly big market of ‘almost’ purchasers out there. An average of 65.23% of people that start a purchase online don’t complete it.

The job now for the retailer is to track down the reasons why.

This might be through split testing the sales funnel with different options, trialling free shipping and trying to re-engage lost shoppers like Amazon has done above.

What little tweaks are you missing in your business’s online setup that could reclaim more dollars?

Sometimes its just takes an external set of eyes to look at how you are doing things. This is where an online marketing consultant can add great value to your business.

Every week that you put off these improvements is costing you money. So start implementing today!


This info graphic gives some more ideas:

ecommerce tips for retailers