Technology Tools and Tips to Get More Done

Next Free Training Night Announced. A bit less notice on this one so my apologies for that, things have been hectic in a good way.

Monday, August 29, 2011, 7:00 PM, Location TBA


This MeetUp is aimed at busy, ambitious, open-minded professionals who are keen to become more productive no matter where they are by leveraging great tools!

( – may also appeal to those true geeks amongst us that love to play with new applications)

Warning: You may be uplifted to guru status amongst your peers when you share the things you learn in this MeetUp back at the office.

Productivity Tools for Redcliffe Businesses

What's in your productivity toolbox?

Today’s work and lifestyle environments have us all running as fast as we can, working harder than ever, and making do with less resources and people.

Technology both helps and hinders the process. In this MeetUp I’ll share many of the online and computer tools that I use to try to be as productive as I can where ever I am – I’m hoping that you’ll bring a list of the tools that you use and we can all share and learn from each other.

We’ll look at how you can capture complex instructions using screen capture video and sending with 2 clicks rather than typing out a long email.

Want a way to access your most important files almost where ever you are and always have them up to date? You can do that!

Like to be able to photograph receipts and toss the paper copy knowing that it stored and easily retrievable from anywhere? What if we added that the receipt has had the text recognised and is now search-able by the name of the shop? Imagine being able to do the same with business cards.

Would it be nice to see your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn newsfeeds in the one application?

Do you have your ‘secure’ passwords stored on stick notes in your office desk? What if you could actually have secure passwords (you know the ones with numbers and symbols that you are supposed to make but don’t because you can’t remember them) that are filled in automatically for you when you visit all your websites?

Spend a large chunk of time watching online videos to keep up with training or industry news? What if you could watch the same amount of video in 1/2 the time and still take in all the details?

Access all your email accounts from the one spot

Log into the work computer from home to show new staff where that ‘thingy’ went to.

Automate your lead followup process…

Plus a few more!

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