[Video] How your customer’s top frustrations can be the source of your best marketing


Have you surveyed your customers on what they want and their frustrations around businesses in your industry? Drop a note in the comments below with what you found out from them.


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Mick: Hey this is Mick from Redcliffe Marketing Labs. In this quick update we’ve got a marketing tip from Nick, from the Scarborough Physio and Health.
Nick: Hi everyone, my name is Nick. I’m the owner of Scarborough Physio and Health. My biggest piece of marketing advice is to listen to the problems that your client-base has. About a year ago we were wondering how we can help our clients better and we had them fill out a one-page feedback form. We asked them their 3 key frustrations and we were trying to improve the quality of our treatment and concentrating really hard on that but after doing the feedback we found out that the main things our clients cared about were getting in for an appointment on the day and time that suited them and that they wouldn’t be waiting around for half an hour in the waiting room before their appointment. The first thing we did was we blocked off some times in each of our clinicians diaries every day so we can fit someone in to the day and time that suited them. The second thing we did is we now offer a no waiting time guarantee. Anyone who waits more than 15 minutes gets the appointment free of charge and we found that people couldn’t be happier and next time I need to know the next big step in my business, I’m going to ask my clients.
By the way everyone, we’ve just moved to our new premises at 93 Landsborough Ave, Scarborough. Our old premise at 8 Bunton Street which is 100 square meters of commercial office space is currently available for sale or lease and it would suit any professional business that operates out of office space. If you’re interested or you know somebody who is interested, please contact me on 3880 1649, call Scarborough physiotherapy and ask for Nick or you can reach me on [email protected] or just turn at 93 Landsborough Ave, Scarborough and ask for me. Thank you.