Video Marketing Success Story – Old Spice Man

Lookout Redcliffe – Old Spice Man is back!

It looks like Old Spice is commencing another online marketing campaign focused around viral video marketing. In just eleven months the Old Spice channel on YouTube has generated 183,715,590 views of their videos. They have 221,058 people subscribed to get their new videos. How much have they spent in promotion for this – almost nothing. Internet users have done the job for them in a massive way. Such is the magic of viral marketing online.

1,263,992 people like their Facebook page and receive their updates.
The 120,150 people following Old Spice on Twitter is surprisingly low give the numbers elsewhere.

The marketing team did some very clever things combining the social media platforms in the last campaign. They would take tweets from random people and celebrities, then Old Spice Man would respond in a video to them. One of these was Alyssa Milano who received cards and several videos from the bare chested towel wearing superman. To her credit she played along and then hit him up for $100,000 for charity.

“You’ll want to take a break from afternoon gladiator sparring with the local herd of rhinoceros to enter our NFL Pro Bowl ticket giveaway.

You have 1 hour to prepare your mind + fingers. At 12 pm PST we’ll post a link with the word “Go!” and the fastest of you to fill-out the form will be eligible for one of 2 sets (of 2) tickets, airfare and hotel to the NFL Pro Bowl, in Hawaii this coming Sunday, January 30.” – Old Spice Man banter from Facebook

Its going to be interesting to see where the creative team takes the campaign this time around.

Closer to home though what would it mean for your Redcliffe business just to have a video of yours seen even 1000 times? That is 1000 more points of contact with clients or potential clients that you would not otherwise have.

So go grab a camera and get a YouTube channel for your business.

With the one video you can:

  • Post it to YouTube
  • Link it or upload it to Facebook
  • Tweet about it and include the link
  • Embed it in your website
  • Email your mailing list with a link to the video

That’s a lot of work that one video is doing for you. Now multiply that several times over with professional online video distribution and you can start to see the power of video marketing.

If you would like to find out more about using this as a small business marketing tool and are close to Redcliffe then come along to this training session in February.