[Video] Productivity Tip – Noise Cancelling Headphones


I wanted to let you know about a little productivity hack that has really helped me concentrate on my work and get more done in the last 2 weeks.

These noise cancelling headsets (I’m using a basic Sony brand version) are the ducks nuts. They block out most of the background noise in my workspace and hence a lot of those focus killing distractions that can pull at your attention.

Are you the type of personal that likes to work in the quiet (me) or do you love to have the radio going or other background noise around? Drop a note in the comments below with your best tips.

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Hello folks, I’m Mick, and this is update I’m going to give you a quick productivity tip. We are also shooting the very first video in the Council’s new co-working space.
A quick productivity tip that I found is basically using a headset. What I’ve done is gone out a bought a noise cancelling headset. This headset is just a Sony headset; it’s quite cheap. It’s got a little battery unit in it, and a noise cancelling function.

When you turn that on, what it does, it actually picked up the ambient noise outside the speakers, and reverses that sound wave, so what you can hear inside your ears, the external noise gets cancelled out.

So if you’re working, and you’re someone who gets really distracted by external noise, whether it’s the computer fan, or people talking, or trucks going past outside, a set of these headphones can cancel a lot of that noise, and just allow you to focus on what it is that you are working on.

So I find that really useful. I’ve been using thatfor the last couple of weeks, and just find its great for productivity. I can just zone out, get rid of all the external distraction, and get on with the work on the computer.

I know that some other folks actually love some background noise when they are doing their work, and basically there’s like a coffee shop background noise you can get on your phone, or on your computer, and you can play an MP3 file in the background and it sounds like you’re actually in a coffee shop, which is background of people talking, and I know some people love putting that on, when they’re working.

But for me, having the silence and the audio, and all the noise-cancelling headphones, I just find that fantastic.

Now, we’re just standing here in the Sutton Street Centre for the Moreton Bay Council, and this is going to be the new media room that is being set up, so we are going to have a nice white wall behind us, some sound proofing in the room, and it’s going to be set up for people to come in and record a podcast, shoot quick videos to their websites, and a do little video updates like this.

So pretty awesome setup that we are going to have here in the Moreton Bay area and that business owners will be able to access when they come and use the co-working space.

Keep an eye out for that in January 2014, and definitely come and check out the information nights, jump on the Council website, and find some more information about the co-working space.

Okay, until next time, I hope that was a good productivity tip and I‘ll talk to you soon.