Website News: WordPress 3.1 Beta 1 Released

For those Redcliffe locals with a technical bent, news that the latest beta for the WordPress blogging platform has just been released.

See the official article.

The full release is expected by the end of the year if Beta testing goes well. This release is ‘beta’ though so not recommended for your small business webpage just yet. Wait for the full release. The great thing about WordPress is the size of the developer support base out there. As you are reading this hundreds of people all over the globe are testing and pulling apart the new release. This will provide a solid data sample prior to full release.

Some of the new features include:

  • Post Formats
  • Theme Search
  • Internal Linking
  • Admin Bar
  • Ajaxified Admin
  • Updated Tiny MCE
  • Multi-taxonomy Queries
  • Custom Post Type Index Pages
  • Admin CSS Cleanup
  • User Admin
  • Network Admin
  • Password Reset Redux

There are 32 million websites using WordPress software. It is a great system that can allow small business owners and individuals an easy way to maintain their own website without expensive IT support.