Which domain name extension should I choose for my website?


Just which domain name extension should you go for with your business website?

  • .com
  • .com.au
  • .net
  • .net.au
  • .org
  • .builders , .florist , .coffee , .shoes , .plumbing , .clothing  (yes all these will soon be valid extensions)

The domain name space has become pretty crowded in the last 2 years. It is almost impossible to find one or two english word domains in the popular .com name space.

ICANN is the international body that regulates domain names. From Oct 2013 the organisation started the largest expansion in valid domain extensions yet.

In the next few years we will see several hundred more domain extensions hit the market.

My prediction is that this will cause confusion for the average consumer and make it even more important to get in now and secure those current domains names that people are familiar with.

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