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Online Marketing – Is Your Business Leaking Profits?

As a small local business owner you probably don’t have the resources or expertise to put to the time-intensive task of online marketing. Yet, if you are doing nothing in this field, you are not getting your message to most of the people that you can serve and benefit.

That’s where Mick Cullen and his small, professional and results-oriented team at Redcliffe Marketing Labs steps in. It needn’t take your own time or your staff’s time to have a sound, cost-efficient and effective online marketing strategy, aimed at winning you new customers and increasing your profits.

Progressive Local Businesses Can Leverage Redcliffe Marketing Labs To Make A Difference In The World

Redcliffe Marketing Labs can do as little or as much for you as you need, but one thing’s for sure: our services include something that every local business can use, because right now you are not using the Internet to anything like its maximum potential.


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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Google dominates 90%+ share of the search engine market in Australia . If you are not on the first page of Google when people search for your product or service then you are not going to be found by potential customers. Redcliffe Marketing Labs offer Silver, Gold and Over-the-Top packages for all your small business SEO requirements.
  • Social Media Marketing This is becoming an essential part of optimising your business online. We show you how to use YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to market your business and to get in front of huge numbers of potential customers before your competitors do.
  • Google Local Map Listings Even if your business is already listed in Google Maps there is an optimal way to do this and the service from Redcliffe Marketing Labs shows you how to get the most out of your listing, driving potential new customers to your local business.
  • Google AdWords and Facebook Ad Campaigns Want to appear on the first page of Google today? You can, with paid advertising and it comes with the ability to split test ads to crowd source the best-performing wording. Tap into the marketing behemoth that is Facebook with Facebook Ads that standout from the crowd. These services allow you to use advanced analytics to measure your marketing effectiveness.
  • Mobile Phone Websites The internet is being re-written for the small screen. Mobile devices are out pacing growth in traditional PCs and mobile visitors represents an increasing percentage of all web traffic. Don’t lose a customer just because they couldn’t navigate your site on their device – keep them engaged and moving towards a purchase with a mobile optimised website.
  • Press Release Marketing Press Releases are a great way to let the local community know about anything you have been involved with recently that might inspire or interest them, plus new innovations and changes in your market, as well as gaining attention for your business . It also helps to create back-links to your sites, to gain higher Google Rankings and drive customers to your business.
  • Internet Video Marketing Consulting If you’re not considering video marketing for your business you are not considering the online future of your business at all. People expect to see video on your web site and the service from Redcliffe Marketing Labs gets you all set up without putting any pressure on your own time. After consultation you can leave the shooting, editing and optimisation of your video to us.
  • Email Marketing Consulting Capturing data from visitors to your site (your potential new customers) is essential to a sound online marketing strategy. Redcliffe Marketing Labs set you up with this facility and advise on targeted email campaigns so you can turn hot leads into increased sales.
  • Competitor Analysis If you are in the early stages of researching your business plan or viability of a market then it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. We can let you know how hard they will be to beat online, where you can make quick gains and give you insight into where they are getting their traffic from. If you are an existing business then we can help you identify what your competitors are doing and break down their online strategy so you can start to win some of this business.
  • Online Brand Monitoring Redcliffe Marketing Labs show you how you can keep up to date with industry and competitor news using a few free simple tools like Google Alerts and Social Mention. You can receive regular email updates about changes in your market segment or your brand, your company or marketing campaign. New services like “Viral Heat” are developing that offer deeper analysis of the “mentions” of your search-terms on social media sites and fine-tuning your monitoring.
  • Website Design with Marketing In Mind Our web design service is designed to make your web site earn its keep. That is to say we don’t just design it for you, but we get it optimised and use all the latest online marketing techniques to increase visitors and sales for your business. Everything from a Fast-start package to a Gold package and e-commerce.
  • Logo Design Redcliffe Marketing Labs Logo service helps you put a face to your small business with stylish and appropriate logos that will help you to build a recognisable brand. Check out the service page to see up to 15 places where you can use your new logo to promote your business.

How do We Do It?
Consultation – Strategy – Ongoing Commitment

After initial consultation Redcliffe Marketing Labs will design an incremental online marketing program based around some of the services listed above. A lot of work can be done initially to ensure you are listed well in Google searches and that you are utilising social media sites and mobile platforms, which will help to drive customers to your web site.

  • Social Media Marketing Programs – these get you engaging with your customers and potential new customers, as you build your “tribe” of followers and establish branding and authority for your local business.
  • Mobile Marketing Programs – ensuring your business is found through mobile devices, like iPhones, which more Australians are using every month.
  • Local Listings – ensuring your business has claimed its listing in Google Places and all local online directories.
  • We will help you convert these efforts to real leads that can be followed up via automated lead capture systems that allow you to track visitors to your site and actively follow up with them. This, again,  will lead to more sales.

Your online marketing campaign needs to be ongoing and integrate many new tools as they come along, but importantly it will not impact on your time at all ….you will be able to concentrate on your core business while we look after the rest.

You can use some of the extra profits from the increased sales to fund it, which helps to keep initial costs down.

What, exactly are you waiting for?!!